Friday, 21 September 2012

Making Ganesh Idol with wheat flour clay

Say 'NO' to PoP and chemical colors

With this thought, I made Ganesh idol at home with wheat flour clay and celebrated this Vinayaka Chavithi with eco-friendly friend :)

Ingredients to make modeling clay:

  • Wheat Flour : 3 Cups
  • Salt            : 1 Cup
  • Water         : 1 Cup

  1. Mix all ingredients and leave for some time in airtight cover or container
  2. Water oozes out from salt and the clay becomes more wet than before making the consistency better for modeling 
  3. Start with Legs which also form the base of our idol. Press right leg at the bottom, make it a bit flat to resemble foot. Left leg can end in the inner bend without revealing the left foot 
  4. Take some clay to form spherical stomach structure over legs. Join legs(base) and stomach from the back side by using some water and clay (like plastering with cement)
  5. Now make chest part and extend it to make shoulders and top hands. Note that all these parts are to be joined from back as suggested in above step
  6. Attach 2 more hands below and turn right hand upwards to form blessing hand. Put modaka (laddu) in left hand
  7. Now time to make head. Take clay in spherical form and put on top of shoulder. Carefully press the sides to form ears. 
  8. For trunk, take the clay in cylindrical form, make its one end flat, attach it to the face. Slowly making it thin, curve down at the bottom and cut the other end after sufficient length and curve. 
  9. Make two tusks, attach them and break right tusk leaving small portion of it still attached.
  10. Crown the lord in required shape and  decorate him as per your taste. 

Wheat Flour Ganesh

Ganesh idol

  1. I used sandal powder and kumkum and black kumkum paste (tilakam)

After Coloring

After decoration

Jai Ganeshaya Namaha


  1. hi sravani...good start of your blog with lord ganesh...My best wishes... eagerly waiting to see all your works...

  2. hmm... sravani ji.. gud start with blessing of ganesh... agree with maha lakshmi.. well i knw who encouraged you ;)... tht is different topic... but i like the most is, u thought about ecofriendly ganesha.. that idea is super... hope to try ur method next year :).. best of luck for your new area of innovation.carry on.

    1. Thank u Neelam ji... I was thinking of creating a blog from long before, but when u asked me how did u do that, I thought why don't I explain it thru blog :)
      Thanks for the momentum...

  3. fantastic creation and tutorial too.

  4. Hi Sravani, Very nice blog and great ganesh idol!!:)

  5. wonderful sravani,never thought of this idea,good that you did pooja too with the idol.must be so satisfying

    1. Thank you Kavitha... Yes it gave lot of satisfaction.. I demonstrated to two small girls also and made them do this on their own... That gave lot of satisfaction indeed..

  6. Perfect Ganesh. Got to try this soon.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    UT's Hobby Time

  7. hii..your works are good..keep doing..

  8. Wonderful Sravani, Fantastic idea and beautiful Lord Ganesha.
    Thanks for sharing. And one more thing, can u please tell me how much idols can we make from the given measurement of ingredients ? Thank you.

  9. can we prepare the atta ganeshji idol 5 days before?

    1. No. Water oozes out from salt more and more. Best time is to prepare the night before.